Pumdeg o fandiau, dwy noson, un parti mawr

Fifty Welsh bands in one weekend

13–14 Gorffennaf 2012, Pafiliwn Pontrhydfendigaid

13–14 July 2012, Pafiliwn Pontrhydfendigaid


Tickets are on sale now for £30 from the following places:

Day tickets

If you can’t be at the festival on the Saturday, you’ll be able to pay £12 on the door for Friday night only (these tickets will not be available in advance).

Only weekend tickets will be available on the Saturday, as £30 for a full day’s live music, from noon to the early hours, is already a very reasonable price!


Free admission for under 13s with a paying adult.

I’ve already ordered — when will I receive my ticket?

We’ll post all pre-ordered tickets at the end of June.

Hafan Hanner Cant

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