Pumdeg o fandiau, dwy noson, un parti mawr

Fifty Welsh bands in one weekend

13–14 Gorffennaf 2012, Pafiliwn Pontrhydfendigaid

13–14 July 2012, Pafiliwn Pontrhydfendigaid

What’s this all about?

“The Welsh Language Society’s gigs over the years have been forward-thinking, inclusive and culturally important to the music scene in Wales” — Huw Stephens, DJ

We’re having a party to celebrate fifty years of lively campaigning for the Welsh language — which has often been accompanied by great live music along the way. Over the years, Cymdeithas yr Iaith has been one of Wales’ foremost live music promoters, arranging gigs all over the country and encouraging new talent. 50 Welsh bands, of all genres, ages and backgrounds, will be performing over one weekend in a unique festival to be held in Pontrhydfendigaid’s famous pavilion in mid Wales, making this the biggest Welsh-language gig ever. You’re welcome to join us.

What is Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg?

In 1962, amid warnings that the death of the Welsh language was imminent, a radical pressure group was formed by a group of students to campaign for the future of their language. Over the years, Cymdeithas yr Iaith (the Welsh Language Society) has engaged in several non-violent direct action campaigns, resulting in over a thousand people appearing before the courts, many serving prison sentences. Hard-won gains include bilingual road signs and public services, the establishment of the Welsh-language TV channel S4C, and official status for the Welsh language. We’re a voluntary movement entirely dependent on the support of our members and supporters to run our campaigns.

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